Proofreading is necessary and here’s why…

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Proofreading is necessary and here’s why…

We talk a lot here about why you need proofreading. Every service page on our website mentions it in some way (here’s the white paper page, the manuals page, the pitch deck page and the video script page).

Each does a great job of breaking down the value of proofreading. But if you really want to know where proofreading adds value, all you have to do is see what happens when it’s skipped over.

And therein lies the problem: by the time you think you need proofreading, it’s too late. Damage: done. Credibility: shot. You: putz. And all you can do is think to yourself: for $25–$50, I could’ve spared myself the embarrassment and the$2,500 — $5,000 to fix my mistake.

That’s why we say it’s important to think about hiring a proofreader BEFORE you need one. Have a proofreader on your speed dial or in your contact list and have them look at everything before it you hit send or publish so….

1. …you don’t wind up losing a vote of non-confidence.

An un-proofread notice from the Nottingham City council.

Come on, guys…you’re city officials.

2. …you don’t have the non-enlightened people rolling their eyes too.

A non=proofread sign telling people to learn English. ah, the irony/.

Undermined by irony.

3. …you don’t have to take that “awkward” parent phone call.

If guns are allowed in junior schools, certainly proofreaders should be too.


4. …your very reason for existence isn’t called into question.

How many proofreaders does it take to correct a "they're?" One!

Seriously right now? You’re educators.

5. …you’re not staring down the barrel of a very painful laser-removal procedure.

A un-proofread text-based tattoo with a typo: than, not then.

Yup…that’ll definitely hurt more tomorrow.

6. …you don’t have to take 1,256 “awkward” parent phone calls.

Another school in desperate need of on-staff proofreading


7. …you’re not leading off the “wait’ll you get a load of this shit” segment on the 11:00 news.

A newspaper article about a spelling bee with a typo. Seriously.

P is for “proofreading please.”

8. …you don’t have asshole hipsters parking in your driveway because you “never actually said they couldn’t.”

A No Parking sign that read No Pracking

You’re just asking for it.

9. …you’re not shown to be 100% incompetent by the people you work most closely with.

A gift fron a student to a teacher that should've had a proofreader.


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