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This is your voice.voice.

Well, not this. This is our voice. Yours will sound like you. Unmistakably you. And our brand guideline writing services team will teach anyone how, when and where to use your voice correctly.

About our brand guideline writing services

How should people feel when you speak? Smarter? Motivated? Comforted? More secure? We start by answering that question. Then we look at all the ways to convey the feeling, from the words you use to the ways you use them.

A brand guideline document (or brand style guide) doesn’t get written overnight. It involves many iterations and a lot of back and forth with you and the people on your team. But when it’s finished, your guidelines will give anyone in your organization (or any outside vendor) the information they need to sound like you when they write. And it will give you something to evaluate their work against.

Brand guideline document copyediting and proofreading

Think about how many people will have to approve your brand guidelines, and then how many people will have to use them. A mistake won’t just put your voice in jeopardy, but it will make your brand look shoddy. And if it’s okay for you to be careless with your brand, it’s okay for others. Except that it’s not.

If you’ve written your own brand guidelines or you had someone else do it, we’ll give it a read-through to make sure it makes sense to anyone who reads it, and that everything that should be reflected is present and accounted for. We’ll reorganize the content if we have to so it tells the right story. And, of course, we’ll check the spelling.

French translation for brand guideline documents

To convey the same brand feel and values in French, the words probably have to change. That’s why we don’t directly translate brand guideline documents. Instead, we capture the essence of your brand and carry that through with whatever words make the most sense. Once your brand guideline copy is laid out and combined with your visual identity, our editors and proofreaders will go through the tone to make sure it holds up in French.

Brand guideline writing tip

In addition to the words you want used and avoided, you should include the feelings you want expressed and averted. This will help its readers understand the meaning behind your messages.

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