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3 Keys to Having a Professional Bio that Instills Immediate Confidence

A professional bio is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have because you can pretty much guarantee that visitors to your site are going to read it.

According to Hubspot, other than the Home page, the most visited page on a website is the About page. All kinds of “experts” have postulated all kinds of reasons for this, and this is ours: visitors want to know the people behind the name. Then they want to look those people up on LinkedIn to see their history, who they know, who they’ve worked with and how they’ve added value to others.

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The 5 Qualities of a Strong Creative Brief

Most brand managers and marketing managers we’ve worked with over the years have told us that the best part of their job is writing the creative brief.

“Sending a creative brief to my agency and getting back a creative reinterpretation of my thoughts is so cool,” says Shauna Pichosky, now the VP Marketing and Communications at ParticipACTION.

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Brain Stuffing

Copywriting is cool because it’s always different. In the past few weeks, we’ve:

– named a satellite
– convinced a province of voters to stand up for a union being squeezed
– developed a manual for a weather tracker
– created a brand for a new vertical farming company
– wrote bios for 39 exceptional Indigenous Canadians

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Thinking Before You Write: A Guide to Effective Brainstorming

Great writing starts with a great idea. It’s true of novels and plays and movie scripts. It’s true of newspaper articles, opinion pieces and theses. And it’s definitely true of copywriting. But copywriting stands apart from the others in that it demands the idea be compelling AND effective because it will ultimately be judged on how it drives consumer behaviour. That, more than anything, is why brainstorming before writing is a good idea.

What is brainstorming?

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