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This is where you’ll find the resources you need to write beautiful copy all on your own with no help from us whatsoever. It may have been a bad idea to include this page on our site.

WHITEPAPER: How to blog better and faster.

A consistent and well-written blog can do more for business growth than just about any other form of promotion. Keeping an active blog seems easy enough until you start doing it. It’s not the task itself that presents the difficulty, but rather the time it takes to do it right.

But what if you could write blogs faster? What if, indeed…

INFOGRAPHIC: How to write a blog post worth reading.

Besides being a place to reinforce your brand, tease new products and services, take a stand on issues relevant to your business, provide valuable insights and demonstrate your passion for the work you do, your blog is the best link juice you have for SEO. But none of that will make a lick of difference if no one reads what you write.

Before you sit down to pump out your next post, put this PDF up on your screen and refer back to it as you write.

WEBINAR: The Easiest Path to a Kick-Ass Value Proposition.

Your value proposition is the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write for your company. It’s the first thing people will learn about you and answers the all-important question: What’s in it for me?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to find the right angle for your value proposition, how to identify the needs you’re really meeting and how to present it so the right prospects want to learn more about you.

And you should want a tight value prop that clearly and emphatically lays out how someone’s life will be better with you in it, what that “ideal state” looks like for them and why they should dig deeper into you. People who stay on your website for more than 10 seconds are likely to stay for much longer.

The presentation is 11 minutes and the Q&A is 19 minutes.

WHITE PAPER: Writing to Engage

Many brand and marketing managers find it challenging to push back on their copywriters. It normally sounds something like, “I’m not a writer, but…” and it’s often delivered with hesitancy.

We think this is a problem because good work can only become great work if it’s challenged. So we created a series of white papers to help brand managers and marketing managers take a more active role in the creative process by breaking down some of the arrows a copywriter has in their quiver.

This first one explores manipulating spelling, grammar and syntax, and how to do it right. At worst, it’s a “hey, have you considered this?” At best it could be a “Yessss!”

If you can think of other techniques you’d like us to highlight, send your requests to

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