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Keep readers reading.

Keep readers reading.
Keep readers reading.
Keep readers reading.
Keep readers reading.

Relish the thought of someone walking into a light pole. Enjoy the idea of someone missing their bus stop. Laugh at the notion of someone falling asleep at their desk tomorrow because they read way past their bedtime tonight. With our article writing services team in your corner, you’ll have all three.

About our article writing services

It’s simple: whether it’s a feature piece or a short blurb, make it interesting and people will read it.

So what makes something interesting? The subject matter has to be well-researched, so we take the time to do that. The publication’s tone has to be captured so we’ll go back into previous issues to understand it and nail it (we’ll even make style notes as we go for future pieces). And when we write, it’s with the reader in mind. We won’t lead the reader astray with information they don’t need. Because you shouldn’t waste precious page space with nonsense.

If what you want to write would actually be better served by two pieces instead of one, we’ll make that recommendation to you.

Editorial content copyediting and proofreading

Depending on the size of your publication and your publishing frequency, your in-house editors and proofreaders might not be able to keep up. We can pick up whatever your teams can’t handle. Our editing team will start by getting to know your style guide so you won’t notice the difference between your editors and ours, and we’ll work to your schedule so you never miss a story deadline. Printers hate that.

French translation for editorial content

We work with a number of publications that are mandated to provide content in English and French. Whether you provide us the original content or we provide it to you, our translators can get the French version where it needs to be: just as interesting, just as thought-provoking and just as tight. And because French is generally longer (and you have a finite amount of space — this isn’t the endless web), we’ll capture the essence of the editorial instead of doing a direct translation so everything fits.

Article writing tip

Subheads are your friends. They break up major thoughts and help guide your readers through your argument.

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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