Social Media Etiquette for Being Well-Liked

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Social Media Etiquette for Being Well-Liked

14406096347_6c80ea9644_oIf you’re involved with any type of business these days, you have an online presence. However big or small, you need to be seen where people are looking. And that means you need to put real effort into your social media engagement. The second someone sees something annoying, uninteresting, repetitive, irrelevant or boring, you run the risk of that dreaded “unlike” or “unfollow.”

Here are a few tips to keep things share-worthy. The overarching theme here is to act like a person.

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Toddlers and Tablets: The Love of Words Starts Now

maxresdefaultKeeping a toddler occupied with a single activity is a challenge for anyone — parent or otherwise. And as easy as it is to hand them a tablet to take on that challenge, there are other ways to entertain them that are more beneficial to both them and you. If we retain one-third less information on an electronic device, just think what that does to our mini-selves whose attention spans are far shorter to begin with.

Here’s an idea: teach them the value of the written word with a little light reading. That’s all it takes. Children feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn to do new things. And you’ll have some quality time to savour at the same time.

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Complex to Simple: Communicating with the Masses

balloons-874841_960_720Your client hands you a 50-page manual explaining the scope of the latest artificial intelligence software they came up with. It was written by the engineer who created it. Now you have to share that with the general public. Yikes. Where do you even begin?

It doesn’t matter if it’s artificial intelligence or Plato’s theory on friendship — any complex topic can be proven simple if given the opportunity. Here are a few tips on how to break down heavy concepts into light and breezy descriptions that will only leave the engineers who wrote them scratching their heads.

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Phrases on LinkedIn That Say Absolutely Nothing

9622928324_911bd18e2bThe image you project to a potential employer should be one of your best self. And in most cases, it’s projected as even better than that. So when you’re describing yourself on LinkedIn, shouldn’t you be using all the best words to do so? You want to paint a picture that gets them to take action. You want to be proud of what you present them with.

Well, upon browsing through some profiles, a few common phrases appeared over and over again. At first glance, they sound professional. But really, they say absolutely nothing. It’s all just filler to take away white space. What did white space ever do to you?

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What Makes the Best One-Liners?

Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockThey’re the punch line to our jokes. The zingers in our book pages. The standout parts of our conversation. Sometimes they’re even our headlines. We’re talking about one-liners, less commonly known as aphorisms. They are short and sweet true statements that pack a punch; a punch in the gut leaving you gasping for air after the brilliance hits you.

And sometimes that one line is all you need. If done well enough, you don’t need to read the article. You could even scrap it altogether because the headline tells the whole story. It’s like when really quiet people say one thing and leave everyone stunned.

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