Translation #Fails

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Translation #Fails

1023px-From_One_Language_to_Another_WeinerContrary to popular belief, speaking two languages doesn’t make you a translator. Sure, you could get the main point across and in doing so get what you want. But that logic doesn’t apply to written communication. Especially when it’s published.

These people seem to think that a few English lessons make them professional translators. Because knowing English better than everyone around you automatically makes you the expert and gives you authority on all matters. Not like anyone would know the difference.

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Some Kick-Ass Ads in Just a Few Words

stricking writers adAdvertising boils down to communication. And communication is all about getting the message heard. When we strip it down to its most basic form, all you really need are a few words to make that happen.

In most ads, visuals support words or vice versa. There are instances, however, where the copy stands alone because it’s so well done that anything more would just get in the way. (This applies to strong visuals as well, but we’re taking our obvious stance as wordsmiths here.) As you’ll see in the following examples, a truly powerful message communicates on its own.

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US vs. Canadian Spelling: Why is There a Difference?

us vs. canadian spellingFavorite vs. favourite. Color vs. colour. Neighborhood vs. neighbourhood. We’re speaking the same language. Yet until certain words come up, you wouldn’t know which side of the pond they were written on. Why do these differences exist when we’re all English speakers? As if this elusive language didn’t have enough exceptions and nuances to confuse us.

We’ve discussed some of the differences between common US/Canadian spelling distinctions, but let’s talk about why that’s the case. We’ll end off with which one is ultimately better (you can probably guess what our stance is).

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