When Isolating Thoughts, Finish the Way You Start

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When Isolating Thoughts, Finish the Way You Start

6254409229_14a6a916fc_oWhen isolating thoughts with commas, dashes and semicolons, people tend to mix and match these marks of punctuation for some odd reason. As if they don’t want to leave any of them out of a particular sentence.

Let’s get one thing straight: it is absolutely correct to use more than one type of punctuation in a sentence. But if you want to isolate a thought, you need to use the same punctuation mark at the beginning and end. Unless a period is going to finish off everything.

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How to Avoid Redundancy

How to Avoid RedundancySaying the same exact thing twice in the same sentence is a waste of everyone’s time. Being redundant is almost like being irrelevant. And if you really think about it, saying something more than once is simply not necessary. It comes off as careless writing with less thought put in. If people see that you don’t show respect to the craft for writing, they could very easily take their reading elsewhere.

One instance of whatever it is you’re saying should be more than enough to get the message across. The following examples demonstrate some redundant phrasing that can be further refined.

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The Never-Ending Battle with Autocorrect

autocorrectWhile it tends to act quite favourably when you’re typing at lightning speed on a mobile device, autocorrect is more of a troublemaker most of the time. Especially when it comes to texting or emailing on smartphones and such. Sometimes autocorrect knows what word we’re trying to type and it finishes our sentences like it’s our soul mate.

For those times that it chooses not to get us, there are some ways to make sure that grammar, spelling and word choices are in their right places. Here are a few things to consider when dealing with automated grammar police.

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