Doing Business in Canada? You Need a Quebecois French Translator for Your Web Copy

translation servicesIf you are a business that hopes to make a splash in the Canadian market, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have French-language copy on your site.  Canada has two official languages, and while many feel that French-speakers only make up a tiny fraction of the population that isn’t worth addressing, that’s untrue.  Some of the stats about French speakers in Canada will surprise most Canadians, not to mention companies from other countries.  (more…)

What Do All These Proofreading Symbols Mean?

If you have ever had a piece of writing proofread and then handed back to you, you may have seen a variety of different proofreading symbols throughout the text.  If you didn’t see anything, then congratulations!

Proofreading symbols were designed to help keep your pages neat and readable, while still marking the errors that require changes.  Of course, if you aren’t up on all the different symbols, you might end up more confused in the end than if the page had been messed up with notes.

Today, most proofreading is done using software.  It’s easier and faster and usually more efficient than doing it the old-fashioned way.  Still, there are some instances when proofreading symbols are needed, and with that in mind here are some examples. (more…)